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In the last few months, we have been busy adding new products and features to our store…

You’ll find some iconic reds such as Joseph Phelps Insignia, Katheryn Hall Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon, Ramey-Pedregal Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon, and Cain Five Red Blend as well as some “not so famous” hidden gems! Our goal is to provide for you access to some great wines at approachable price points.

The bourbon craze continues! We’ve seen allocations create rising prices and a shortage of a wide range of products. However, this created an opportunity for some. Enter Cleveland Underground Whiskey. Named “Whiskey Distillery Innovator of the Year,” Cleveland Underground has turned the whiskey world upside down. Cleveland Underground’s use of “transformative wood” and technology have created a line of revolutionary new flavors. A must try for bourbon enthusiasts. 
On a side note, we now have brands available to taste and compare, with absolutely no pressure to purchase. Come in and ask us about it!

Artisanal Cheeses and Cured Meats
In a hurry? Grab a bottle of wine and some artisanal cheese and crackers to go with it. We now stock a variety of cheese and cured meats…

New Feature
We will be starting a local delivery service in the Hingham area. Keep an eye out for more info!

Gift Baskets

         Ready to Go or Made to Order gift baskets available for your choosing.

Holiday Newsletter

Holiday Wines

 Monthly Newsletter: December 2017

Wine and spirits are a great gift for everyone at the holidays.

Having trouble choosing a wine for a gift? Come in and ask our knowledgable staff for a suggestion. We can also help you with wine pairings. Just let us know what is being served and we will have a great suggestion for you.

Wines & Culinary Pairings


April to us signals the arrival of sunshine.  With that and the approaching holiday it also spurs the flow of our culinary juices.  So what do you pair with Rack of Lamb, Glazed Ham, Roast Chicken or Roasted Duck. April Wines of the month are all about the FOOD!!!!

Roasted Leg of Lamb: Michael David Freakshow Red Blend, Lodi, California.
Roasted or grilled lamb is strong in flavor as it will support a full bodied, tannic wine.  The Freakshow Red isa mix of 71%Syrah, 25% Petit Syrah and 4%Souzao.  Try Syrah as an alternative to Cabernet Sauvignon.

Glazed Ham: Foris Pinot Noir -Rogue Valley, Oregon.  IMG_0773
Glazed ham with its typical sweet and sour flavors call for a low to mid tannic wine with a good  acid level to keep alll the flavors in check.  Foris Pinot Noir has the body of an Oregon Pinot Noir .and the elegance of a French Pinot Noir.  A great compliment to any ham.

Roasted Chicken: Markham Vineyards, Estate Grown, Napa ValleyIMG_0766
The white meat of chicken along with the along with vegetables usually served alongside allows for a crisp, dry wine with toasty notes.  Markham offered toasted nuts, hints of custard and apple and tangerine.


Roasted Duck: Aureilio Settimo, Barolo, ItalyDuck is a beautiful fatty meat rich in flavors from the many spices used to cook it. IMG_0786 2Typically one thinks to pair it with a Pinot Noir,  why not let your palate and brain explode and pair Duck with a Barolo, the king of the Italian wines.  The quintessential grape of the great wine region of Piedmont, Nebbiolo is  strong and bold.  Strong tannins and high acidity make this a great compliment to the fatty meat of a duck and rich spices. Dare to be different and try this wine.