About Us

Queen Anne Wine and Spirits was founded in 1988 by Nick and Michael Trifone. In 2015, their sister, Regina, decided to return to the family business after being a stay at home mom for eighteen years, and now owns Queen Anne Wine and Spirits with her husband, Frank Marchione.

They've continued to work together as a family to provide their customers with a welcoming environment and pleasant shopping experience. They pride themselves on their ability to make recommendations for each of their customers’ unique tastes and preferences, and their hand-picked selection means they have something for everyone!


We specialize in imported and domestic wines from major brands as well as small or single-vineyard wineries. We carry a vast variety, from specialty vintages to everyday necessities.

Our beer selection includes major domestic and imported brands, as well as an ever-growing selection of craft beers. We specialize in local craft beers from the numerous breweries around the South Shore and Boston area. We also carry New England’s most popular craft beers as well as selections from the Midwest and West Coast.

Specialty spirits range from single-batched bourbons, infused vodkas, and handmade tequila. Whether you prefer to mix your spirits to make cocktails or sip them straight or on the rocks, we have a variety of products that will suit your needs.

We also offer specialty product tastings in store. These tastings include wine, beer, and spirits.